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The Fragile Things (Synopsis)
Have you ever had a friend you'd die for? One you'd kill for?
Seventeen-year-old Jennifer Willis should have the world at her feet. Instead, she's an ex-heroin addict living in a council estate with Tony, her boyfriend and former dealer. Shunned by her family and friends, she dreams of something greater than she's been given.
Beautiful and strange, Ebony has moved in across the street. She's just lost the one person in her lonely existence to cancer. She's also a centuries-old vampire, struggling to cope with murderous outbursts and the desire to be something more.
When these two lost souls meet, an unusual friendship begins.
But with the news of Morris, Tony's sadistic best friend and drug-dealing partner being released from prison, Jennifer knows it's only a matter of time before his path of vengeance leads to her and Ebony, too.
With a cast of memorable characters, a village full of secrets, and a gripping story, The Fragile Things is
:iconvshaw:VShaw 3 0
The Fragile Things (Chapter Four)
    Ebony had been singing for the past hour. She’d started with Hush, Little Baby and had just finished with Frère Jacques. She didn’t know what possessed her to sing lullabies. Her voice sounded different too; deep and rasping and broken, like it belonged to something else. When the last words left her lips, a heavy silence took their place. The silence was horrible; it spoke of many things, things which Ebony didn’t want to acknowledge.
    But she had no choice.
    Ebony opened her eyes.
    They were lying on the floorboards, cradled into each other like lovers caught in a hail of gunfire. After attacking the young man with the power drill, she’d buried her teeth into his neck. She could still taste him, could feel that trickle of fire down her throat, burning pleasantly in her belly, extinguishing the swell of serpents. Ebony had done something
:iconvshaw:VShaw 0 0
The Fragile Things (Chapter Three)
    Jennifer limped across the platform, her clothes dishevelled and her eyes itchy and bloodshot. There was a screaming pain at the back of her throat and in a variety of other places which she didn’t want to think about.
    She’d had to wait half an hour for another train, but didn’t dare leave the toilets once the junkies had left. She couldn’t bare the thought of anybody else looking at her. All she wanted was to be left alone.
    Jennifer dragged her rucksack across the floor, her other hand pressed against her ribs. Her hood was up, but even so, she could practically feel everybody else watching her, could hear them muttering to themselves. A man tried to stop her. “Miss,” he said. “Are you okay? Miss?”
    She ignored him, fighting the urge to scream.
    “Come on, Jenny,” she said u
:iconvshaw:VShaw 1 0
The Fragile Things (Chapter Two)
    The subway travelled through the underground like a runaway shopping trolley, making Jennifer’s teeth rattle about in her head. There was a strange smell in the carriage, too—a garbage-sweet stench of unwashed bodies huddled together, breathing the same clammy air.
    Eau de working class failure, Jennifer thought absently, picking at the stuffing in her seat. Well, it was bloody true; all the people coming back this way had either been to the Job Centre or the Salvation Army or some other place that made you feel like slitting your wrists. She shifted about, trying to make herself as small as possible. The man sitting across from her, a homeless person judging by his wind-savaged beard and soup-stained clothing, hadn’t stopped staring at her since she’d gotten on at St George’s Cross. He started mumbling something which sounded an awful lot like the Lord’s Prayer.  
:iconvshaw:VShaw 1 0
Based on a True Story
There are no such things as heroes or villains in this world, his father had once told him. Just people. Tony realises this is true as he watches the smoke, watches as it rises upon its haunches like some terrible thing about to swallow him whole, watches as it rubs its grey-wolf muzzle against the windowpane.
Spidey isn’t going to come crashing through that glass to save him. Superman isn’t going to appear either, blowing out the flames as if they were nothing more than candles on a birthday cake.
His heroes don’t exist anymore; they’ve died in his head.
No, if Tony wants to escape—if he wants to fucking live—it’s up to him. Only him.
Twelve-years-old and here he is making life-or-death decisions. Tony’s brain is transmitting his father’s voice again, telling him to run for all his miserable little hide is worth, but Tony’s feet have fused with the floor.  
The heat is building up, and Tony wishes that Gregory was her
:iconvshaw:VShaw 15 4
As the earthworm emerges from her ear canal, following the blood-slick trail down her cheek, the girl can't help wishing she'd listened to family.
Her body is the feverish rush of tempered steel plunged into icy waters. She doesn't know how long she's been trapped down here for. She bases her concept of time upon the alignment of the sun, the moon. Her eyelids are heavy and even if she could open them, she'd see nothing. The smell of dirt, rich and damp, fills her nostrils. She struggles, but it's in vain. The earth is cocoon-tight around her. She pauses and then alarm shoots through her as swiftly as an arrow.
She can't breathe!
Dirt hits the back of her throat as she gasps suddenly, clogging up her windpipe and making her cough and splutter.
She had to get out of here. She has to get out of here now.
Her left hand is above her head. She squirms, hoping she's not got too far to move, hoping beyond hope that any moment now her fingers are going to crack through the surface, feel
:iconvshaw:VShaw 32 25
The Fragile Things (Chapter One)
Ebony didn't know how long she'd been here for, lying across the floorboards in the dark, like a corpse displayed upon a mortician's table. Her eyes took in nothing—not the fungus spores creeping across the ceiling or the blistered wallpaper. The atmosphere was heavy and foreboding, as if death had seeped into the very bricks and plasterboard, the flesh and bones of the building.
In a way, she supposed it had.
There was a knot of Serpents in Ebony's belly. She could feel them squirming and twisting around her innards. Her fingertips trailed across her ribcage, resting upon her stomach like a mother-to-be.
Well, not exactly.
Ebony's stomach couldn't be described as anything close to swollen. Her entire body was wasting away, shrivelling up like a discarded strip of orange peel. Because that's all I am, she thought. A skin. But theirs was a conflicted relationship; as much as the Serpents pained her, Ebony welcomed them. Wished they would devour h
:iconvshaw:VShaw 47 43
The Lady of Chains (Part Two of Five)
When she finally returned to her bedroom that night, Viola found that she wasn't in the mood to explore the tower. She hadn't even bothered to look at the light orb outside her door, which she was still curious about. She was tired and miserable and missing home far too much. But what she did discover was that Mrs Casket had returned at some point. The old woman had left her a book, The Wicked Player's Handbook and a rather nasty letter. Apparently it was Viola's fault that she had been dismissed so abruptly earlier on and whether Viola succeeded in killing the Lady of Chains or not, Mrs Casket was going to give her a 'right good clout across the head'.
Mark my words, girl, the letter said. You've got something awful coming for you and it is going to damn well knock you off your feet.  
"Oh sod off, you old trout," Viola said, ripping the note up into a dozen pieces. She went across to the desk and pulled out the knife, weighing it in her hands again. She shea
:iconvshaw:VShaw 55 56
The Lady of Chains (Part One of Five)
As soon as the doors closed, Viola knew she'd be lucky if she was ever given the chance to step outside them again. The sound didn't just echo throughout the tower, but appeared to signal the ending of her old life and the beginning of an entirely different one.
"You'll have to watch this one," Mrs Casket said, holding up a frail hand speckled with age. The index finger was missing. "She bites."
Viola averted her eyes, trying to ignore the ball of apprehension growing in her belly. She gazed up at the winding staircase. Her tongue felt like a strip of dried leather and it was difficult to form words around it. "How much longer until we're there?"
Mrs Casket stopped in her tracks and raised the lantern. Her hair was pinned back and greying at the temples. In the dull light her eyes looked almost black, glittering like a beetle's shell. Viola half-expected them to scuttle around her face at any moment, disappearing between the creases of her skin.
"You doubt yourself, my girl," Mrs Caske
:iconvshaw:VShaw 491 70


there is a light that never goes out by chriseastmids
Mature content
there is a light that never goes out :iconchriseastmids:chriseastmids 684 168
Love is a Disease
Love is not an emotion.
Emotions are formed,
And can be controlled.
Plato stated,
"Love is a serious mental disease".
An incurable illness,
That makes cancer appear as
A simple head cold.
We can't choose who we love,
Nor can we choose
how it takes over.
This genetic mutation,
Passed down,
From the earliest of times,
Can send even the most normal being,
Straight to the insane asylum.
It eats away at us,
From inside-out.
Suffering until the day we die.
Love is not an emotion.
"Love is a serious mental disease."
:iconfunkeysanddance:funkeysanddance 16 12
Don't hurt me anymore by Orpheelin Don't hurt me anymore :iconorpheelin:Orpheelin 4,708 225
Musical Inspiration
Music flowed
Like tattered ribbons
Torn from a dress
Of silk and sequins
There she swayed
Allowing gentle notes
To entangle her naked form
Swimming through silver
And spectators of snow
:iconsavoci:Savoci 8 4
Emmett and Koichi by Lt-Snuggs Emmett and Koichi :iconlt-snuggs:Lt-Snuggs 22 9 Twisted Princess Series (Beauty) by MariaBeloArt Twisted Princess Series (Beauty) :iconmariabeloart:MariaBeloArt 14 18 World Shaking by Derrewyn World Shaking :iconderrewyn:Derrewyn 405 36 Running With Spirits by sakimichan Running With Spirits :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 26,154 808
Vive le Revolution
If you do not like somewhat graphic violence, there's the back button
Isabelle wandered the streets of Paris in a hungered frenzy, gazing desperately from vendor to vendor for a scrap of food. Her thin fingers clutched possessively at her money purse, the hollow jingle of too few coins jangling in her shaking limbs.
The young woman had a look of melancholy to her, the haunted gaze of one who had suffered the touch of too few Francs or hearty meals passing her way.
She was dirty from head to toe, smears of mud and filth caressing her milky skin in dominating swipes. Her long black hair was lank and greasy, the ends tangled in a mass of creeping knots. Isabelle looked gaunt, her skin stretched prominently against her sharp collar bone and hollow cheeks.
Her clothes were tattered and frayed, the worn patches and loose stitches barely holding her grime smeared dress together. On the few clean spots of cloth the dress was a dark green, fading out to the smudged grey and black which
:icondagirl4ever:dagirl4ever 1 2
Shadows- Chapter 1
Chapter 1
"Oh hell..." Murmured Max as he heard his Mother calling him up for school. Another day of this- he just couldn't take it. It was like torture! Yes he had Jack. Jack. His ever loyal, ever caring best friend. But yet no one else…
    Max got up.
Max had breakfast.
Max got changed for school, and off he departed. All the while, going through the same monotonous process that which he did every waking day of the past 8years of his life…
   As he walked through the iron encrusted gates of his high school, he barely even registered the sign which read 'Deston High' and the quickly scrawled words, 'is shit', underneath it in permanent red marker. After all, it was as much part of the school as the reddish, crumbling bricks themselves, the glossy, well maintained grass, (being at quite the opposite of the building itself) and the tall, dominating trees.  He strolled through the playground, the barren fields of gray ignored
:iconmooseflame:MooseFlame 3 2
Shadows- Prologue
"Y-you can't d-do this !" Cried the creature, a sound that resembled glass shattering.
  "I w-will not be def-defeated by…by a mere mortal!"
But none the less, the mysterious man droned on with the enchantment, the very thing that would rid the world of this, this blemish of evil; a pure, black hearted blight upon the fair lady  of the Earth.
The incantation continued.
"By the bones that will bind you, by the flesh that entwines you, I BIND THEE!" Slowly, a dark, seeping mist began to envelope the Demon, surrounding it, wrapping it.
"N-no…" Growled the Demon: struggling to free itself from the noxious fumes. "I, my power cannot be defied!" The creature took a sudden step for
:iconmooseflame:MooseFlame 2 4
(4) The journal of Diane Young Everheart.
Monday, Feb.20, ----
11:39 A.M.
The chair I sat in was uncomfortably new, as was everything else. The wooden walls, the pristine bookshelves, and the glossy oak desk all looked like they had just been installed moments before I had walked in. The only things that looked like human (or non-human for that matter) hands had ever touched them were the catalogs and magazines on top of the desk in front of me.
But even they had only the barest creases along their spines.
Death sat in front of me.
I don't know what I had been expecting of him, but it certainly wasn't what I was currently seeing. Light painted his features, filtering down from the large window behind him. It made his blonde hair appear like melting honey upon his head. It contrast though, his green eyes had an almost artificial look to them, as if he was wearing contacts to get that specific bright shade.
I decided then that Willy's attention to color had rubbed off on me to some small degree.
Death had clean white teeth that
:iconknitkitty:knitkitty 2 12
Us Zombies Aren't That Bad! Chapter 2
'Derelict' is an understatement; everything had either collapsed or was collapsing. Wallpaper curled up like leaves, cockroaches scattered below me and there was a dubious dripping from above.
No wonder the survivor was alone.
  Andre found a diary in what was once a kitchen. We could easily read you human's books. It's not that hard you know.
  "Look at this." Andre sniggered, throwing the leather-bound journal towards me.
A few lines in, and I was laughing my head off. Literally.
I mean, come on, look at this;
Day 45. I found a lily in the ashes. The ashes were once a house. My wife liked lilies. My wife is dead. She was eaten by a zombie. I remember that zombie. I killed that zombie. The zombie isn't living anymore.
Day 53. I've ran out of pasta. My wife hated pasta. My wife is dead. She was eaten by a zombie. I remember that zombie. I killed that zombie. The zombie isn't living anymore.
Day 98. The world has gone to more shit. The last power station in America w
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 3 5
Us Zombies Aren't That Bad! Chapter 1
"Y'all never take me alive!"
Ugh. I do hate survivors like this.
Always so…depressed. Don't they ever go outside?
    Oh yeah. We're outside. Not like us zombies are bad though…we just want to eat you lot.
For hours we've been trying to get inside this little house, in the middle of a ruined suburb. It's your usual fare: boarded windows, derelict roof… an easy target, normally.
   Except Andre forget to bring his rifle.
"I'm sorry!" he said to us, shrugging his shoulders. "Everyone makes mistakes, right?"
He lost an arm for that. Which was bad, because we need all of the gang we could get.
As Andre whacked the door with his separate limb, I crawled towards the weakest window with Daimon. Gunfire hammered above our heads, while this old coot tried to shoot us with his shotgun.
Either he was deliberately trying to miss us, or he was half blind.
Something tells me he wasn't feeling very merciful about the people who were about to eat him.
:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 6 16
Forbidden Ties: Chapter 1
My name is Ellena, first daughter of Ellenwood.  I am currently one hundred and sixteen years old. I am considered a child to my Elven kin. My goal in life is to become a member of The Council; there is nothing more important than being a member. Every decision ever made was by its members.  They are hand picked by former members. The Councilors are picked according to Race, Magic, Nobility, and Knowledge. There are five different races in our world: Elves, Vampires, Guardians, Foreseers, and Sorcerers; two types of magic: light and dark; six ranks of Nobility: Commoner, Foreseer, Guardian, Ambassador, Monarch, and Councilor; and seven levels of Knowledge: Tolerance, Discipline, Protection, Leadership, Tactics, and Wisdom.
Some are born into it, others must train for it. However, everyone must go through some sort of training. Even if you were born with Foresight, one must still be trained in it to become a Foreseer.  Race does not guarantee Nobility.
:icondanikamilles:DanikaMilles 5 19
Forbidden Ties: Prologue
We live in a world untouched by others. Magic veils protect our fragile world, it is unseen by those who seek it. If our world were to be discovered, many others would suffer.We call ourselves the gateway world. We are the anchor; release it, and the sea is yours.
Our people work hard to ensure our safety and that of others. Strict rules have been applied and we follow them religiously. The Council oversees all matters. Political involvement is extremely important to us. We take great pride in it. It is this pride which may have blinded us. We thought our world to be unbreachable. We were wrong…
:icondanikamilles:DanikaMilles 5 6


Shit. I was supposed to mention this before, but then Halloween happened, and I got dragged off to a bar and well . . . adventures happened.

Anyway. The Lady of Chains and Other Stories is out now in ebook format on Amazon.

The stories in it are rigorously polished-up/edited versions of the ones currently on my DA account plus an excerpt of The Fragile Things, a horror novel I'm currently working on. If you've read 'em, loved them, hated them, thought they were so-so, please feel free to write an honest review. Seriously, I would give you a kidney if you wrote a review. I would. I'm not bloody kidding. Okay, maybe not mine.

From the Amazon website:

"Remember; you have seventy-two hours to do the deed and not a moment longer. Cut her throat and remove her heart. That, my girl, is the only way to destroy the wretched creature."

Greylock. A city supported by a network of scaffolding, bleeding rust and wheezing steam. Patrolled by an army of 'metal men'—creatures who're designed for nothing more than to kill and destroy. Nothing grows. Nothing truly lives.

The tower stands like an ice-pick, pushing through a snarl of thorns, resting upon the outskirts of Greylock. Its shadow is cast across the city like an elongated clock-hand, chipping away the hours, the days. The years. It is home to the Lady of Chains, a woman incarcerated without a sentence. A woman who almost single-handedly destroyed the world . . .

Viola, a young orphan girl, has been thrust into this nightmarish world by the devious Mrs Casket, caretaker of the tower and maid to the mysterious lady. She's been given a task which could either see her demise or be her salvation.

But who is the Lady of Chains? And why does she insist that she is connected to Viola? With the clock ticking and the metal men drawing near, Viola is about to learn that not everything is what it seems . . .

A spellbinding fantasy with elements of steampunk.


Hansel and Gretel
Rogan and the Gargoyle
The Silent World

Also contains an preview of the up-coming horror novel, The Fragile Things.



Also, I want to mention that fellow Deviant, D. E. M. Emrys has a new ebook available too. From Man to Man. I've read it, and it is fantastic. Really worth a read. I cannot wait for the next one. I'm defo a fan of Draven and his exploits.…

And big thanks to Arthur Wang for doing an excellent piece of cover art for me. You can find more of his work here:

It's been a little while since I've been around here. Got quite a stack of messages to get through, and stories to read!

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

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The Fragile Things is a four-part serial. Part one is currently available and can be found on Amazon:…

Part two will be available in three weeks.
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